If you can do CrossFit in them, the compliance and mobility must be something out of the ordinary, right?
That was our thought when we dressed two CrossFit athletes in full EliteOperator outfits and had them perform a workout. Watch the video below!

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We’re on a mission: To make sure that our customers come home to their family and loved ones, every day. We do it by improving people’s safety and performance in extremely demanding work environments. Through impeccable service and expertise, we make personal protective equipment smarter and the world a little safer.


PPE for waterjetting up to 3000 bar / 43500 psi.

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Introducing Waterjetman, a TST Sweden original action hero, and our homage to all waterjet operators.

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Saving lives through

Our promise to our customers and their families is to save lives. Both today through our Personal Protective Equipment and for future generations by collecting contaminated water. With this promise, striving for a sustainable future is a priority for us, and we continuously work to make the world a little safer and a little better to live in.

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safety first

By using our products, you will contribute to a safer workplace where the workers safety and wellfare is highly valued. Make sure that your employees get to go home to their loved ones, every day – and are fit for work again the next day.

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the difference is
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If you work with products that are designed to save lives, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Therefore, we develop our products ourselves, in close cooperation with our end users. We use local suppliers and manufacture most of our products in Sweden and Latvia.

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An accident often happens when you least expect it. We at TST Sweden are here to keep you safe if the unexpected happens. We provide you with high quality, flexible, and comfortable protective clothing and equipment for waterjetting. All you have to do is wear them. Take that extra minute to make sure you’re properly protected; you won’t regret it.

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