Environment images

Environment images


TST SmartHose in between the houses lowers the temperature and secures a building.

Photo: Joakim Eriksson/Agena Foto

TST SmartHose helps Rescue Services protect and save the house on the right side. A valuable tool!

Photo: Joakim Eriksson/Agena Foto

Woma in ProOperator Jacket and Trousers – Cleaning a truck.

Kärcher-Woma demo days – TST Waterjet Protection – 2500 bar rotor  against concrete

High pressure cleaning, high building, high performance => High Visibility ProOperator Overall! Excellent for climbing jobs!

For these guys, it’s all about safety. Equipment is everything! And to know what you’re doing…

Mathias and André at Nyströms Måleri AB. Professional guys who know how to handle real tough working conditions.

Roofia from Gothenburg in action cleaning a roof! 

High pressure cleaning. Renovator using ProOperator protective clothing.

Gas fire in the ground. Note the Smarthose shielding off and cooling the fire.

Gas fire very close to valuable buildings. The fire is kept away from the houses with Smarthoses.