Escape Hoods

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Safe in 20 seconds

TST Escape Hoods can be the difference between life and death in the event of gas leaks or chemical emissions. They are very efficient and easy to put on. No adjustments are required and there is no need for practice or education. Our escape hoods cover the whole head and protects face, ears and hair from chemicals and particles. They work with glasses and are a better choice than full face mask for users with beard.

Easy to use

Carrying bag

Our Escape Hoods comes with a soft carrying bag. The bag is very important as it makes the hood easy to bring, when working in risk environments. The bag is very compact and made in a water resistant, strong and durable material. It has a waterproof zipper, for easy opening. In the rear, there is a pocket for filter date, name or a safety card. The bag can be worn on a belt, carried over the shoulder or round the waist. It also has brackets for wall mount.


On customer request, the TST Xtreme Hood has been tested for H2S in higher concentrations. Break-through time for 10,000 ppm was 58 minutes and for 20,000 ppm was 24 minutes.