Cooling Vest FLEXI

Cooling Vest Flexi is designed to be smooth and easy to put on. It closes with hook&loops at the shoulders and sides. The Flexi vest has 16 TEMPTECH® elements that absorb excessive heat. Also available in fire-resistant Nomex material (EN ISO 15025). Recommended to use tight to the body, with a functional T-shirt between, and a covering garment on top.

The TEMPTECH® energy element has a 28 °C transition temperature. When the elements start to melt (tempe­ratures above 28 °C/82°F) they absorb heat from your body.
This process allows for a gentle cooling of the body allowing it to stabilize body temperature instead of shocking the body with extreme cold, as one does with an ice vest.
The TST Cooling Vest will keep you in the comfort zone for a longer period of time. Comfort zone = where you maintain a body temperature that lets you feel good and perform at your best.

The TST Cooling Vest lasts for:
90 min in a 60 °C/140 °F environment
4 hours in a 45 °C /113 °F environment

Cooling Vests

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