Cooling Vests

Cooling Vests

Effective and gentle cooling
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When working in warm environments, and maybe with coveralls or hazmat suits, your body needs to be cooled down. Our Cooling Vest helps industry workers, firefighters, policemen and athletes perform at their best for a longer period and in a more comfortable way. Our vests were used by rescue workers after the Hurricane Katrina and the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They also help people with neurological diseases like MS to feel more comfortable during warm days. The technology is unique and based on special TEMPTECH energy elements that absorb heat from the body and provides an effective, but comfortable, cooling of the body. The elements recharge without external energy, and without strange chemical reactions.

Why cool the body?

  • Reduce the risk for heat stress
  • You want to feel good
  • Recovering from heat stress can take up to 24 hours
  • Reduce dehydration
  • Keep your body cool and comfortable
  • Perform at your best all the time

How it works

The TEMPTECH® energy element has a 28 °C transition temperature. When the elements start to melt (temperatures above 28 °C/82°F) they absorb heat from your body. This process allows for a gentle cooling of the body allowing it to stabilize body temperature instead of shocking the body with extreme cold, as one does with an ice vest. The TST Cooling Vest will keep you in the comfort zone for a longer period of time.

Comfort zone = where you maintain a body temperature that lets you feel good and perform at your best. The TST Cooling Vest lasts for: 90 min in a 60 °C/140 °F environment 4 hours in a 45 °C /113 °F environment

Red = Without vest, soon above the zone.

Blue = Ice vest, below the zone, consumes energy initially.

Green = TST Cooling Vest, in the comfort zone longer!


The TEMPTECH® element recharges without external energy. Buy a second set of elements and you are ready for the afternoon shift! In 22 °C/ 72 °F: 2–3 hours in 8 °C/ 46 °F: 30 minutes Freezer / ice water: 5–10 minutes The elements are guaranteed to last more than 1.000 cycles if properly maintained