Escape Hood

The unique design makes the hood comfortable to wear and easy to put on. It is, without any adjustments, ready to put on and use. The half-mask inside is made of silicone. The neck cuff is designed for the closest possible fit and maximum elasticity. The hood is available with two different types of filter (additional filter alternatives are available on request.) The hood is made of a durable material. • ?Extremely low leakage. Test average in breathing zone is 1.26%, where 5% is the limit. In ocular zone it is 3.15%, where 20% is the limit. • ?High level filter withstands 5.000 ppm. Hood norm is 1.000 ppm.

TST Escape Hoods can be the difference between life and death in the event of gas leaks or chemical emissions. They are very efficient and easy to put on. No adjustments are required and there is no need for practice or education. Our escape hoods cover the whole head and protects face, ears and hair from chemicals and particles. They work with glasses and are a better choice than full face mask for users with beard.
Twin exhaust valves ensure low respiratory resistance
Large sieve opening gives very good visibility.
Can be used again, after inspection and filter change by TST.
CE approved as half mask according to EN140, with additional requirements from EN403 relevant for use as Escape Hood

Escape Hoods

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  • 7012000
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