Cooling Vest


ART. NO: 3000P28 3000

SIZES: One size

High flexibility in one size fits all. Perfect when several users share a vest.
The Flexi vest has 16 Temptech® elements that absorb excessive heat. Flexi is designed to be smooth and easy to put on. It closes with hook-and-loop fasteners at the shoulders and sides. Tight fit to the body, thanks to elastic fastening above the waist.


  • 16 energy elements
  • CE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

In washing, the energy elements should be taken out of their pockets. The vest should be washed in 40°C and dried in a drying cabinet or in a well-ventilated room. Do not dry in a tumble dryer.


TST Cooling Vest helps the user to reduce body temperature rise at work in hot environments or during heavy physical work. The unique technology absorbs heat from the body instead of shocking the body with cold, as with an ice vest. A major advantage with our Cooling Vest is that it keeps the body at the correct temperature by providing effective and gentle cooling just when the body needs it – and without the user feeling cold. The Temptech® energy elements have a 28 °C transition temperature. When the elements start to melt, at tempe­ratures above 28 °C/82°F, they absorb heat from the body. 

TST Cooling Vest is recommended to wear tight to the body, with a functional T-shirt underneath, and a covering garment on top.

TST Cooling Vest lasts for:
90 min in a 60 °C/140 °F environment 
4 hours in a 45 °C /113 °F environment