Hand protections

ART. NO: 5100068 5075

SIZES: One size

  • Protects the entire area round the forearm and the back of the hand.
  • Easy to put on and is kept in place with a thumb strap.
  • Easy adjusting for different arms and clothing.
  • Specific right and left hand designs. Sold in pairs.
  • Part of Alfa and Sigma Kit.
  • CE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 

It is essential that the operator knows where and for what the clothes protect. Glossy fabric clearly identifies protective areas, and the label tells the level of  protection. Orange labels indicate protection for 2 000 bar/30 000 psi single jet and 3 000 bar/43 500 psi rotor jet – 20/30.


How to read the test results: There is no international standard for the testing of protection levels. Therefore the testing can differ significantly between companies. For this reason it is crucial to be aware of the differences and how and what to properly compare. A protection level of eg. 3 000 bar can mean different things, depending on the pressure, flow, nozzle, distance or speed used while testing. To verify the protective qualities we have chosen the most common working conditions when performing our tests of notified body.

Most nozzles perform at their best between 50 and 100 mm, therefore we have chosen the distance of 75 mm. Rotating tests have been performed with two nozzles (adding more nozzles result in a lower overall impact). 

Note! Different values, eg. pressure, flow, nozzle, distance or speed, can give significantly different results!

Product CategoryPressure, BarPressure, psiFlow, Litre/minuteFlow, Gallon/minuteNozzle, TypeNozzle, QuantityNozzle, Diameter mmNozzle, Diameter in.RPM, Revolutions per minuteDistance, mmDistance, in.Linear speed, m/sLinear speed, in./secResult
EliteOperator200030 00017.94.7Single10.80.031-7530.520No penetration
EliteOperator300043 50019.55.2Rotor20.60.02430007530.520No penetration

All of our personal protective equipment is CE-labelled in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/425. TST Sweden is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 – important tools for ensuring the quality of our products and our work to lay the foundation for positive environmental development.

Declaration of Conformity

The outer fabric in Techsteel™ is both dirt and water repellent, which keeps the operator dry and light all day long. Techsteel™ has a very high resistancy against abrasion and tearing, over 500 000 Martindale. The outer material is furthermore reinforced with Vectran® (LCP) for maximum strength and durability. The request for these qualities comes originally from the industry of concrete removal and demolition.

In protective areas of the clothing, we use an ultra strong and ultra light fiber – Dyneema®. The fiber is 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than aramids. This enables us to develop protective clothing which are lighter and more comfortable, without compromising on safety and durability.


Our clothes can be hand cleaned with a brush and TST Grease Remover or a soap solution. Rinse with clean water. Allow to dry on a hanger or a well ventilated area.

Store the garments dry and out of direct sunlight. Zippers and hooks & loops are sensitive to dirt and should always be kept clean.

To extend the lifespan of the garments, we recommend rain and/or chemical protection on the outside of the garments in exposed environments. If garments are exposed to chemicals; rinse directly with clean water.