Hose Protection ProOperator 41 mm

The lance is held near vital parts of the body and hoses break, often near couplings and connections like on the lance. Be safer with a Hose Protection/Shroud. The Hose Protection/ Shroud provides effective protection for the operator! It has been tested for 500 bar / 7500 psi. An adjustable strap holds the Hose Protection/Shroud securely in place. The Hose Protection/Shroud is very smooth and flexible.

• Outer material: Laminated Polyamide.
• Inner material: Polyester mesh.
• Protective material: Special fabric containing Dyneema® fiber.
• Seams: Taped.
• Washing instructions: TST Special Grease Remover.
• CE-marking: Approved according to the Regulations (EU) 425/2016.

Art. No.
  • 5660045
  • ST

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