SmartHose, 75 mm, incl. coupling Storz

Smart Hose

SmartHose, 75 mm, incl. coupling Storz

ART. NO: 7590077 7900

World patented hose which is developed to create water barriers, to be flexible and to minimize the need of personal. One Smarthose of 20 m/65 ft can produce a 12-15 m/40-50 ft high wall of water – that is about 300 m2/2500 ft2 – and it can quickly be placed even in difficult terrain.

Excellent for shielding off fires or gas clouds where you can’t or don’t want to have humans present.

The Smarthose is also highly efficient for cooling big objects like buildings, gas tanks and containers.

The nozzles that spread the water can easily be exchanged and they come in different versions to accomodate different needs, and availability of water.

Smarthose comes with one set of nozzles and with Storz couplings.


The base hose is a B-75 Duraflex hose, diameter 75 mm/3 in. On request there are 110 and 150 mm/4.3 and 6 in hoses.

Alternative placing of nozzles is possible. Shelf life is 25 years if kept in original box and temp. below 35°C/95°F