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Smart hose


The Smart Hose is effective for preventing fires from spreading, fighting landfill and store fires e.g. make firebreaks in forest fires and where buildings are close together. The Smart Hose is also used for keeping fire sensitive objects cool, like buildings, gas tanks and containers.

Gas emissions

TST Smart Hose is effective for shielding off and absorbing condensed gases. You can neutralize dangerous releases by mixing chemicals into watermist.

Clear advantages in use

  • Large extinguishing capacity, with a minimum of personnel
  • Quick and easy to install, stable position
  • Can be used everywhere, even in difficult terrain 
  • Can be used with tactical flexibility where needed, e.g. around bends and in terrain 
  • Several hoses can be connected
  • Versatile to suit the task in hand, water can be jetted vertically/horizontally

Different nozzles for different needs

The nozzles that spread the water can easily be exchanged. There are several different designs to choose from to accommodate different needs and availability of water. The Smarthose comes with one set of nozzles and without couplings. The base hose is a B-75 Duraflex hose, diameter 75 mm/3 in. On request there are 110 and 150 mm/4.3 and 6 in hoses. Alternative placing of nozzles is possible. Sections can be sealed off using dummy plugs.

3- and 6 mm nozzles are best suited for shielding off, -cooling off and fighting fires. 

2- and 5-holes nozzles are best suited for shielding off -condensing gases and for cooling heat sensitive objects.

Water consumption

Litres/minute hose Ø 75 mm

Water consumption l (max working press. 15 bar)
4 bar
6 bar
8 bar
10 bar
1×3 mm 210 250 300 330
1×6 mm 1050 1130 1230 1300
2-holes 940 960 980 1110
5-holes 970 1000 1020 1150 


Water consumption gal (max working press. 220 psi)
58 psi
87 psi
116 psi
145 psi
1x.12 in 55 66 79 87
1x.24 in 277 300 325 343
2-holes 248 254 259 293
5-holes 256 264 269 304

Design and technical data

  • B-75 Duraflex F. (Ø approx. 75 mm)
  • Length 20 m
  • Operating pressure up to 15 bar
  • Explosion limit 50 bar
  • 25 high-grade steel nozzles
  • 4 easily exchangeable types of nozzles
  • Weight approx. 16 kg
  • Available size: Ø approx. 75 mm. Upon request: Ø approx. 110 mm
  • Comes with Storz couplings. Adaptor with BSP thread (2,5” or 3”) can be ordered
  • Shelf life is 25 years if kept in original box and temp below 35°C/95°F