Waistcoat w. Apron 10/28

A thoughtful combination between Waistcoat and Apron giving superior freedom of movement and comfort, but still offering effective protection for the whole front of the body. The construction with a Waistcoat on top helps spreading the weight of the protective garment. Hand Protections and Gaiters or Boots 3000 are suitable complements for extended protection.

• Outer material: Laminated Polyamide.
• Inner material: Polyester mesh.
• Protective material: Special fabric containing Dyneema® fiber.
• Seams: Taped.
• Washing instructions: TST Special Grease Remover.
• CE-marking: Approved according to the Regulations (EU) 2016/425.

Waterjet Protection

Art. No.
  • 5123547
  • One size