The joy of reaping what you sow

A gentle buzz can be heard from the wild meadow right outside TST Sweden’s premises. This time it is not the newly moved-in pollinators who are buzzing about but around fifty people who have gathered for the official inauguration of the new meadow. Neighboring entrepreneurs, local politicians, and nature enthusiasts are here to hear all about the new eco initiative – the wild meadow.

Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was this wild meadow. The eco-project initiated to help bees and pollinators has been long in the making and a work in progress since the end of summer 2023. Together with their property owner, Logistea, and with the help of the contracting company, and across-the-road neighbor, Kanonaden, TST Sweden has created something to be proud of.

What once was a well-cut green lawn, which provided neither food nor habitat for pollinators, is now a flourishing wild meadow and an all-inclusive resort for them. Here insects vital to our existence can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet full of flowers and nectar, five-star housing in brand-new insect hotels, and relax and enjoy refreshments in the luxurious bee bath.

But the journey from a well-cut lawn to a flourishing wild meadow didn’t come completely without bumps in the road. Hungry rabbits dug up and snacked on more than a few seedlings, and being in one of Sweden’s rainiest cities the ground was sometimes too wet and a few times, to everyone’s surprise, a little too dry. But now on a sunny day in June, it all stands finished and ready for Managing Director Jörgen Lilleroth to cut the ribbon, made of grass, to inaugurate the meadow officially.

– With this inauguration, we want to of course, celebrate what we’ve created but more importantly inspire others to also do what they can for biodiversity. At TST we always aim to do everything we can to make the world better and we are firm believers that every little thing helps. We are also aware of the fact that there’s great strength in numbers so as we do our very best, we hope that others will be inspired to do the same, says Jörgen Lillieroth.

“Wild meadows play an increasingly important role in maintaining biodiversity”

Naturskyddsföreningen, Sweden’s largest environmental organization, was present at the inauguration and invited to hold a talk about the importance of biodiversity and to answer any of the guests’ questions. They work tirelessly to change the downward trend of loss of biodiversity and are glad to see initiatives like this.

– When biodiversity is pushed aside by cities, agriculture, and well-kept lawns, roadsides, and wild meadows play an increasingly important role in maintaining biodiversity. Projects like TST Sweden’s initiative are inspiring. We need all together do what we can for biodiversity, says Evalena Skalstad, senior expert in sustainable agriculture & food system at Naturskyddsföreningen – Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Someone who visited the dedication was Frida Persson, owner of Fridas Blomster who’s an advocate for both environmental and social sustainability and runs her own florist business. – TST Sweden is one of the coolest companies I know, they are so genuine and passionate about their sustainability work. I truly hope that all companies in Viared, Borås, Sweden, and the world will follow in their footsteps, says Frida.

At TST Sweden they look forward to continuing to reap what they sow by seeing the meadow grow even fuller and more vivid year after year. And of course, for the initiative to spread like seeds in the wind. Rumor has it that a distributor across the Atlantic in Mexico is already starting to plan their own wild meadow. And who knows who will be next… maybe you? Interested in helping pollinators by making your own wild meadow? Below we have gathered some information to get you started. Best of luck and thank you for wanting to make a difference!