We have moved

We have moved

From April 4th TST has a new address.

Now we are at Segloravägen 22, 504 64 Borås, Sweden.

Goods delivery address is until further notice (please note the second row):

TST Sweden AB

C/o Kerry Logistics Terminal 2

Segloravägen 22

504 64 Borås


Kerry Logistics will help us with goods handling and storing until our own warehuse is ready. We are located in the same building but goods is handled on the lower side and the office is on the upper side. (Closest to the road.)

Phones and email addresses are not affected at all.They are all the same.


We have grown out of our present location and we move to be able to continue developing the company, but also to keep up with a rising demand for our products. We are pleased to see that companies, both orderers and contractors, are increasingly recognizing the value of protecting equipment. 

Segloravägen 22 in Viared, close to Borås, will give us possibilities to take care of guests in an excellent way. It can be for information, for education or why not for a meeting to discuss personal protective equipment. Our facilities and beeing close to partners as the Textile University creates interesting opportunities.


Don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email if you wonder anything. All our contact infos can be found here on the homepage.

Happy moving greetings,

/TST Saving lives 2.0