This is TST

Our ideology

Our ideology is an important part of creating a sustainable culture internally at TST Sweden and ultimately be our customers’ best partner. We are passionate by nature and has a culture that’s all about together take responsibility, understand and help.

Our mission

We are an innovative business partner that makes personal security smarter and the world a little better.

Our vision

A smarter personal protection through sustainable innovations.

Our Promise

Saving lives


Smooth, Ambitious, Futuristic, Energetic = S.A.F.E.
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When the life is wavy keep your mind smooth

We always adapt to the market’s constant development. That’s the key to be considered as an open, innovative and reliable company. That’s why people are central at TST Sweden. This means that all employees have a personal responsibility. Instead of focusing solely on their own work, everyone should give 100% for the team and the company’s best. We are a workplace with people who interact and where help each other in everyday life so everyone can feel good, enjoy themselves and find the meaning of life. Being agile is a way of working that should permeate our brand and all employees. Together we will meet our customers with an open mind and always see the opportunities in every business relationship. That makes it unusual easy to work with us.


Most people can hear you, few people can listen to learn

We are keen and responsive. Attention is required to understand the customers actual needs and how customer benefit can be increased. That ambition is also needed to capture the ideas in our team and to see what the organization needs to increase its innovative capability. And to create profitable growth. So, our growth begins with our employees. Our mission is to give everyone the power to grow as a human being so everyone can reach their potential. We are convinced that when job satisfaction, quality of life and business development live in symbiosis, the energy exchange will create the right energy to save lives!


Start with imagining the future than innovate to fill in the gaps

In an era of fast-moving markets, we can no longer “decide” the way forward. We must “design” the way forward and have the courage to discover new opportunities not to end up in fossil warehouses from a historical age. We are the new generation of experts on personal protective equipment that saves lives on the inside of our customers. It is only possible to achieve if we have our minds full of passion for customer’s wishes and needs. The capital they invest in our security concept is always the way to a common profitability! This means that the customer’s employees can perform at the top and makes us to the world best partner.


We are always full of ENERGY and work smart to move fast

We are committed and are happy to suggest alternative ways to deliver them best security concepts. At TST Sweden we are full of energy, work smart and minimize distance from idea to action. We live close to the market to catch fast trends that we implement in our products and in our service. In this way we can give our customers new insights and clearer thoughts about security. For us it is important to live with one leg in the future and the other securely rooted in customer’s everyday life. We must always deliver sustainable values for our customers, but that ambition does not always come without problems. Every question, every doubt, every challenge means a development opportunity for us. Our security lies in constant change. We are always full of energy to challenge the habits.