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The next level of UHP protective clothing


  • 2 000 bar / 30 000 psi
  • 3 000 bar / 40 000 psi

Our protective clothing for waterjetting has the highest mobility and compliance in the industry. However, thanks to a close collaboration with our end users, we know that they wish for even more mobility and comfort. We always listen to our customers. But how could we satisfy these needs without compromising the protection level?

Our R&D took on the challenge. They began to investigate and research, then moved on to drawing, cutting, and sewing. And then we tested the innovations and tested some more, until we had something extraordinary. We call it Athletic Design and it has enabled us to develop a brand new product series: EliteOperator!


Our new product series EliteOperator with Athletic Design is quite simply a revolution for the mobility and compliance of protective clothing at this level of protection. The Athletic Design makes it easier to walk, bend down, crouch, bend arms, bend legs, squat, climb ladders, walk stairs and everything else an operator do during a work shift. The difference is so remarkable that you must try the new products to believe it!

The revolutionary Athletic Design can be found on parts both with and without a protective surface. The protective surface is now more compliant in all directions. Parts that do not have a protective surface has got a new fabric that is elastic, which fits and follows the body’s movement considerably better. In addition, the fabric is softer than the previous one. We have also moved and changed seams, which changes the balance of the clothing, so that they fit and follow the body’s movement better.

Overall, the difference is incredible. And we can’t wait to get the reactions from users all over the world and hear what it means for their working day.

The fabrics


Outer shell in all protective areas. Water repellent and very high-resistant against abrasion and tearing, over 500 000 Martindale.


On areas without protection, for increased mobility and comfort.


The protective fabric inside the clothing is made of the strongest fiber in the world, 15 times stronger than steel.


Extra reinforcement on exposed surfaces, such as knees and leg ends.

The design

a wedge that
makes a difference

It’s all in the details. A wedge-shaped part in the armpit area provides increased mobility.

Pre-bent knees

Adds flexibility to our Trousers and Overalls.

New design in
the groin

The protective area with Dyneema® is divided into several parts, which increases mobility.


If you can do CrossFit in them, the compliance and mobility must be something out of the ordinary, right? That was our thought when we dressed two CrossFit athletes in full EliteOperator outfits and had them perform a workout. Watch the video below!



The outer fabric in TECHSTEEL™ is both dirt and water repellent, which keeps the operator dry and light all day long. TECHSTEEL™ has a very high resistancy against abrasion and tearing over 500 000 Martindale. The outer material is furthermore reinforced with Vectran® (LCP) for maximum strength and durability. The request for these qualities comes originally from the industry of concrete removal and demolition.



In protected areas of the clothing, we use an ultra-strong and ultra-light fiber – Dyneema®. The fiber is 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than aramids. This enables us to develop protective clothing which are lighter and more comfortable, without compromising on safety and durability.


Five layers for optimal performance


Dirt and water repellent.
Durability: > 500 000 Martindale.


The world’s strongest fiber in protected areas.

Mesh lining

Ventilating and stretchy.


Do you work with waterjetting in warm environments? If so, we have two cool features for you: The first is ventilated protective clothing, an option available in our Trousers and Overalls. The solution allows compressed air to flow through the clothing, cooling you during the entire work shift. If compressed air is not an option for you, then our Cooling Vest is a good alternative. The vest absorbs heat from the body and provides an effective, but gentle cooling.


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