Heat Protection

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Advanced protective equipment for Heat Protection

Ever since we developed our first collection of protective clothing for Heat Protection in 1990, we have consulted end users across the world. New for heat protection is that several products also come in Marlan®, which protects extremely well for molten metal splashes. Today we offer an even broader range of protective equipment with technically advanced features, high level of comfort and high quality.

Radiant Heat Protection

The silver looking fabrics are Preox PAN or Paraaramid coated with aluminium foil. They effectively reflect/reduce up to 95% of radiant heat! They also have the highest possible classification for molten iron and aluminium. Certified according to ISO 11612.

Molten metal splash protection

The Marlan® coat is manufactured mainly for aluminium industries because of it’s unique qualities. Melted aluminium does not stick to the surface of the fabric and it is heat and flame resistant according to the classification EN 11612 – A1,B1,C2,D3,E3,F1. Marlan® provides excellent comfort because it is soft and it has great capabilities in absorbing moisture. Marlan® also has good anti-static properties as the material is naturally anti-static. Marlan® offers protection from electric arcs, which can reach temperatures of up to 10.000ºC. Metal splashes are produced during an electrical discharge that can cause anodes and cathodes to melt or evaporate.