A safe workplace. For all.

When talking about protection for waterjetting, the first thing that often comes to mind is PPE for the operator. But a safe workplace is just as much about protecting colleagues, equipment, and “civilians” who happen to pass.

– We have developed and manufactured PPE and safety products since the 1990s, in close cooperation with companies and end users. Today we have both extensive knowledge and superior products to create a safe workplace. But it is not enough that we at TST Sweden have this knowledge. We must also convey this to the companies in the industries. From the top managers to those who carry out the jobs, says Peder Lindström, Market & Sales Director at TST Sweden.

As part of spreading safe workplace knowledge around the world, this spring we will begin with something we call “Safety Academy Days”. With topics such as product learning, material learning, demonstrations of a safe workplace, digital solutions, and study visits to suppliers.

– We will host the first event at our headquarters in Sweden. Going forward, we will offer physical meetings, digital training seasons, and meetings at retailers, says Peder Lindström.

When it comes to products, our philosophy is that the best protections are the ones that are used. Therefore, we strive to make our products as comfortable as possible to wear and as simple as possible to use.


A good example of this is our protective curtains. Peder Lindström explains:

– To shield off a workplace where waterjetting is carried out, for example, a bridge where cars and bicycles pass right behind the operator, it’s common to build shelters from wooden boards. We can offer the same protection, but with a product that is easier to transport, store and set up and take down. Our Protective Curtain is made in Techsteel®, an extremely strong yet conformable fabric that withstands waterjets up to 43,500 psi. A curtain weighs only 4.85 pounds and is very easy to install. You just hang the curtains on a wire between two points or a scaffolding. And you can put as many as you want together.


We are probably most famous for our red PPE products. In the latest series, EliteOperator, the focus was on making the clothes comfortable to wear and increasing mobility. By increasing mobility, you not only get greater comfort but also increased safety as you are not limited by the clothing. Also, when the clothes are comfortable, the chances of them being used increase.

Is there something that is easy to forget when it comes to creating a safe workplace in waterjetting?

– I would say hose protection for handheld waterjetting. The consequence of a hose break near the waterjet gun is often severe. These areas are often very close to the operator and in areas of the body that are difficult to protect properly. I also recommend using a hose connection cover, which protects people working near, or passing by, foot pedals, and pumps. And don’t forget a whip stop for securing hose ends at foot pedals, pumps, and connections. The whip stop catches the broken hose and prevents it from whipping, says Peder Lindström.

TST Sweden article published in WJTA Jet News, reprinted with permission.