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Waterjetting is a dangerous and demanding job that requires great strength, endurance, and determination. Every day, across the globe, in extreme heat, blistering cold, confined spaces, and uncomfortable positions dedicated operators fight concrete, dirt, and rust with one of nature’s most potent forces: water.

All to secure the longevity of structures and machinery we rely upon daily.

These remarkable individuals are not just operators; they are our heroes. They are Waterjetman.


In a world plagued by dirt and concrete, a new superhero emerges, introducing the spectacular Waterjetman.

Full of strength and endless stamina, Waterjetman fearlessly wields his water jet gun, unleashing torrents of water to free the world from the claws of dirt and danger.

Dressed in vibrant red protective clothing, Waterjetman moves with the confidence of invulnerability. Shielded from harm, he charges into battle, to conquer the grimy forces that lurk in the shadows.


There’s trouble on the oil platform; grime monsters are lurking in the shadows and operators are disappearing by the minute. When all hope seems to be lost there’s only one who can save them, Waterjetman. But will he succeed when a new, even more powerful monster emerges, or will the oil platform succumb to dirt and mud?
Discover the first-ever adventure of Waterjetman as he takes on the essence of dirt and destruction; Greazilla.



The world stands on the brink of a crisis, overrun by dirt and grime. An endless stream of grease monsters is attacking the oil platform and the only one who can save it is Waterjetman.

But there’s a twist, Waterjetman can’t face this mission alone, he needs your help. The faith of the oil platform and in extension, the world now lies in your hands. Will you rise to the occasion and stand beside Waterjetman to take on the challenge of a lifetime?




A parent is often a child’s first and biggest hero. The one who provides them with comfort when needed, encourages them when they face hardship, and always somehow manages to make everything better.

With the Waterjetman action hero, we give kids the opportunity to play with a version of their biggest hero dressed in vibrant red. All while their parent tackles challenges out in the real world, fighting both dirt and concrete. Once the parent returns home safe and sound after a long day at work, they can do what they do best – play together.


An iconic suit is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of power, identity, and protection. Crafted to enhance a hero’s abilities while protecting them without hindering, making them unstoppable.

Waterjetman’s distinctive red EliteOperator suit with Athletic Design does just that, and it can do the same for you. If you are one of our heroes, it might be time for you to get a new suit.


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Where can I purchase the Waterjetman action figure?
Waterjetman is made in a limited, exclusive collectors’ edition of only two (2) copies and is currently not available for purchase to the public. 

Will there be a display of the Waterjetman action figure?
The spectacular Waterjetman will be exhibited in TST Sweden’s booth C4.314 on IFAT in Munich, 13-17 May 2024. Welcome to visit us to get the rare opportunity to experience Waterjetman live!

Who is the source of inspiration for Waterjetman?
The TST Sweden action figure Waterjetman is a homage to all the water jetting operators around the world, who have inspired us with their strength and endurance for decades.

What is included in the Waterjetman action figure box?
The 1:6 scale premium action figure is complete with handmade Head Protection 3000 bar, EliteOperator Gamma kit, Gaiters, and Gloves 500 bar. Additionally, Waterjetman’s Mega Blaster waterjet gun and 3000 bar Hose protection are included.

Note! Civilian clothing is not included.

Is the Waterjetman action figure suitable for children under 3?
No, due to the small parts included with the Waterjetman action figure, there’s a choking hazard. Therefore, the Waterjetman action figure is not suitable for children under 3 years or any individuals who have a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouths. 

Where can I purchase a copy of Waterjetman vol. 1?
Waterjetman vol. 1 is a limited Comic currently produced in only 1,500 copies. It will be available as a giveaway at TST Sweden’s booth C4.314 on IFAT in Munich, 13-17 May 2024. While we cannot guarantee availability, if you are not able to attend IFAT, contact one of our sales representatives to request a copy.

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For further information, please contact Peder Lindström, or Annette Hessel,