Whip stop/check

An excellent way to secure hose ends at foot pedals, pumps or connections. Properly mounted, it will catch a broken hose and prevent it from whipping. The whip stop is mounted by slipping it over the hose ends, stretching it and finally tightening the ends and secure with the rubber lock rings. Length approx. 2.5 ft. Width approx. 1 in. Sold in packs including 50 pcs.

Tensile strength 30 kN.
Produced and tested in accordance with EN 12195-2
(Test method: SS-EN 12195-2.
Load restraint assemblies - Safety - Part 2: Web lashing made from man-made fibres.)

Waterjet Protection

Art. No.
  • 5072000
  • 75cm / 2.5 ft.