Scuff Guard, openable

ART:NO: 58800605970

  • Protects valuable hoses from wear and tear.
  • Dressed with an extremely durable Techsteel™ cover. 
  • Easy to mount as it is closed with hooks and loops. 
  • Inner diameter is approx. 57 mm / 2.2 in.
  • Eyelets for fastening at the ends.
  • Can be pushed together so that a 2 m Scuff Guard fits with e.g. a 1,5 m hose.

Our Workplace Safety Solution range is made of an extremely strong fabric called Techsteel™. The fabric is both dirt and water repellent, which makes the products easy to clean. The material is furthermore reinforced with Vectran® (LCP) for
maximum strength and durability. The request for these qualities comes originally from the industry of concrete removal and demolition. Durability: > 500 000 Martindale.