Safety Funnel

ART. NO: 5830010

SIZES: Ø 70 cm,Ø 145 cm

  • Increases safety when cleaning heat exchangers.
  • Prevents flying objects and water from hitting and injuring people and damaging equipment.
  • Improves visibility by reducing the amount of steam and water jets around the heat exchanger.
  • The waste water flows out through the Safety Funnel's outlet and can be collected in tanks or septic trucks.
  • Minimizes the need for site sanitization, resulting in valuable time and cost savings.
  • Quick and easy application directly to the heat exchanger.
  • Eliminates the need for built protection with e.g. wooden boards or plates.
  • Reduces the noise level.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the silicon treated Techsteel™ fabric that dirt particles doesn’t stick to.
  • Material: DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated Techsteel™.
    Durability: > 500 000 Martindale
  • Available in two sizes: Ø 70 cm and Ø 145 cm
    -  Ø 70 suits heat exchangers with approx. Ø 40–70 cm
    -  Ø 145 suits heat exchangers with approx. Ø 71-145 cm
  • The Safety Funnel's water outlet size is approx. Ø 10 cm.

How to read the test results: There is no international standard for the testing of protection levels. Therefore the testing can differ significantly between companies. For this reason it is crucial to be aware of the differences and how and what to properly compare. A protection level of eg. 3 000 bar can mean different things, depending on the pressure, flow, nozzle, distance or speed used while testing.

Note! Different values, eg. pressure, flow, nozzle, distance or speed, can give significantly different results!


ProductPressure, BarPressure, psiFlow, Litre/minuteFlow, Gallon/minuteNozzle, TypeNewtonDistance, mmDistance, in.Result
Funnel140020 3004010.5Tube nozzle35075 mm3 in.No penetration


ProjectileLinear speed, m/sLinear speed, ft/secNumber of textile layersResultISO Standard
Steel bullet, 6 mm120393.71No penetrationEN ISO 168
Stone short, 360 g1342.71No penetrationEN ISO 1794-1

Our Workplace Safety Solution range is made of an extremely strong fabric called Techsteel™. The fabric is both dirt and water repellent, which makes the products easy to clean. The material is furthermore reinforced with Vectran® (LCP) for maximum strength and durability. The request for these qualities comes originally from the industry of concrete removal and demolition. Durability: > 500 000 Martindale.